Creating trust with clients and investors through branding and responsive web-designs

A clay laptop and phone website design mockup.

Project overview


Comparative analysis
Wireframing + copywriting
Responsive Web-design
Webflow development


Ephraim Sanowski -  Designer
Finn Dollimore - Developer


May 2022 - September 2022


Potential investors and B2B clients struggled to understand the unique value and potential that Allegro Energy brings.

We wanted to help investors and B2B clients get excited and inspired by the vision of the company.
 We also wanted to bridge the gap between where we are now and what the long-term vision for Allegro’s future is.

Since the publication of their new site, the company has received a drastic increase in traffic and customer outreach.

A desktop device mockup with a website.

Defining a target user

In order to achieve the goal of attracting potential investors and B2B clients, we first discussed with the stakeholders who the target customer and investor would be.

Meet Investor Ian and Client Claire:

A user persona.

- They did not want investors who just wanted to make money. They wanted someone who believes in their values.
- They wanted to attract philanthropical do-gooders who were interested in their mission statement.

A user persona.

- They wanted to attract decision makers who can sign $10M contracts.
- They wanted to attract big clients, and generators/retailers of electricity.

Comparative analysis

We then analysed who Allegro’s main competitors were, what they are doing well, and how we could set ourselves apart from them. This began with a simple feature comparison matrix:

ve analysis.

The main feedback was that there were consistently poor designs, overwhelming or confusing layouts, broken links, outdated designs, poor use of imagery across the industry. This is because the nature of B2B businesses is not to sell consumer products, so there is less focus on the design.

However, the main competitor, Northvolt, led the way with strong design and consistent branding:


  • Communicating an inspirational vision.
  • Very accessible, minimalist design built for lay-users with no scientific knowledge.
  • Very strong imagery and product photography and videography.
  • Great copy writing: “MAKE OIL HISTORY”.


  • Some accessibility issues with colour contrast on imagery
  • Marketing funnel on homepage is somewhat unclear... what do they want you to achieve on the homepage (eg. the hero CTA is ‘join us’ and goes to careers page)?

Sitemap and wireframes

The creation of the sitemap and wireframes was an iterative process that was completed with significant input from the stakeholders, as the company did not possess much of the content required to built out the site. The structure of the sites thus changed significantly as the website was developed into its final form.

A sitemap and corresponding wireframes.


The OLD logo:
The old Allegro Energy logo.
The NEW logo:
The new Allegro energy logo.
Brand colours.
Brand typography guidelines.

Responsive web-designs

Designs of a responsive website.

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